Rebuilding the Lotus Elise 135R

_DSC9457Some months ago my eyes fell on an advertisement, Lotus Elise for sale..  A car that I always wanted to  have .. So, I decided to go and get it… How would not for 6000 Euro… The advretisement referred to a Lotus Elise S2, model 111.    With damage….

So , here is the video of that moment

As you noticed , it was not a S2 ,111 but a 135 R of which very few are build (150) and only in the year 2003.  50 yellow, 50 red and 50 Mica blue (like mine).


Once home the damage assessment took place. Lots of work ….  But mainly all body work…  Just a dam shame that those parts are so expensive .   Any how  below  the damage assessment.

Lots of expenses, but still well below the market price.  The only last thing to check is the chassis before we start to rebuild the car.   Because if the the chassis is twisted , then its game over.  Let see how I checked it..

Lucky me, its as straight as it can be. So lets get on with the Crashbox removal. I am not taking shortcuts on this, as it is to important for safety.
I will need to get an original. Cut off the old one and bond a new cashbox into place. Let see how I removed it.

More to come….as the work progresses



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