Mid Format camera’s, snobisme or real value.

Mid Format  (MF) camera’s, snobisme or real value.

There are many articles on the internet that compair the Mid Format camera’s such as Phase One and Hasselblad versus the DSLR’s of Canon and Nikon.   However comparison means nothing, it all depends on what your specific needs are and that is for me the bottom line.

_dsc7748-1Many DSLR shooters enviy those that shoot with Mid Format Camera’s . They will not admit it, and will turn their head when asked accompanied with a snear as it is snobisme. True a Mid format camera is very expensive and five times the price of the top high end Nikon or Canon DSLR.

I have been , and still am a DSLR shooter. But I am also a Mid Format camera owner . Both have their place in my work.

We can discuss the pro and cons  of both systems, and finally wonder if the extreme high cost of the MF  camera warrants the quality difference.  I believe that professional work with high quality demands can only be achieved with the MF camera. Especially when details, color and the overal feel of the final picture are critical.


However , for what I believe there will be a zillion disblievers.   So lets put all this asside and look at just a few facts of a MF camera.Don’t wurry , I am not going to make comparisons. I will just state why it works for me.

Why Medium Format?

  • Bigger is simply better. The unique look along with the unparalleled depth and detail are just some of what makes medium format stand out.
  • Full Frame DSLR’s , Medium Format and Large format all have their own specific characteristics embedded and constrained in the design of the device.
  • The technical characteristics of the optics and sensor size of a MF camera are the enablers for the resulting images. It creates a feel and look . That sets the results apart from the ordinary and creates a mood that draws you in, engrossing the viewer in rich detail and enthralling perspectives.

Depth and Detail, Bits and F stops.

  • Medium Format technology strives for Image Quality perfection.  Sensors that provide unparalleled true 16 bit color depth , whereas a top notch DSLR have 14 bit .
  • MF camera’s have an unmatched dynamic range of 15 stops. All the result op the pure surface dimension of the sensor and pixel density. Real estate that technically cannot be matches or achieved on a Full Frame Sensor.

Bigger is better.

  • High resolution is only a small part of the advantages having a sensor 2.5 times larger than the ones found in high-end DSLRs.
  • It delivers advantages in depth of field over more compact system as well as quality advantages when it comes to the scale of your final image output.

medium_format_vs_dslr_sensorLens range quality and leaf shutter.

  • Building on decades of experience in high-resolution optics and Leaf Shutter lenses delivers some of the sharpest results of the highest quality.
  • With better optical accuracy and performance than smaller systems, Medium Format optics paired with Medium format sensors is as close to perfect as anyone can get.


Sticking out in the crowd.

I know, this smells like snobbism. But it is not, it is simple business.

Going out on a shoot with a top notch DSLR  and having  to listen to the comments made by the customer that he or she has the same camera as you is not all that uncommon.  Not a very pleasant situation, although the ownership of a camera does not say anything of the use and skill set of the photographer.  Never the less it kind of marks your business.

It’s a bit like a taxi driver, one drives a volkswagen and the other a BMW seven series….  it just attracks another type of customers.


Thanks for reading.


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