Religion a curse for mankind ?

As a mortal world citizen, I often wonder how far religions are responsible for the evils of the world? I have been accused for my inadvertent behavior in my crusade against religion and their institutes. However the fact cannot be so easily ignored in view of the bomb blasts , murderous attacks, and terrorist activities that are happening across the world . Causes that constrain and limit the way we live in the free world.

So why should we not ask the question “ How far religions are responsible for the evils of the world? “.

A question that should not be asked nor addressed by many believers .

Private_Property-2And yet, we need to face the issue with an open mind without airing our personal allegiance to a particular religion. Maybe it is easy for me as an none believer, never the less all people should be able to raise above their own religion and take a critic stand.

Yet it seems that a majority of religious people are not prepared to listen to the objective criticisms made by others, let alone be generous to admit if something is wrong with his or here religion. To me, that ignorance, is an act of self-preservation.

I am a strong believer (ironic isn’t it as none believer) that Religion is a drug for the poor and ignorant, keeping them under control and happy with false projections and promises. Where as most Intelligent and secure people don’t seem to have the need for a Religion.

Religions are exclusive as they claim to be the one true faith. As a consequence only one of them can be correct. Hence, and since there are thousands of different religions, past and present, the likelihood is that all religions are wrong.

Lets face it; Religion is essentially designed as a means of oppression. Kings and Queens, collude with priesthood to create an environment that is safe for them to continue to exist in the lap of luxury whilst the poor endure hard living conditions. Making them believe that God has placed them in their place and that their reward will come in the afterlife. A means to avoid a revolution, we have seen it in the past and even today (think ISIS).

So far, Religion has been the cause of the world’s problems in the past and present

DSC_0294-Edit-Edit-Edit-3In general God is represented by organized religion, created by man in his own image and has the sole purpose of maintaining the rich in their comfortable life and the poor in the gutter. To me it seems that religion is not much more then a lie, a tool for those who are in power and want to keep that power and control over mankind.

As religions are divisive by nature teaching prejudice and bigotry, Its no wonder that it is a major cause of world conflicts. Just look around the world today and past. Religion has and is a major cause of war and hate. And don’t tell me that it is the people and institutions and not the religion itself. After all religion is made by man.

DSC_1257-Edit-Edit-EditReligion might have been in the far past the glue that kept a society together within boundaries of an acceptable behavior pattern. Today, in a globalized world those practices have no longer a place, and hence Religion has become a private aspect of society. Under no circumstances should it be sponsored or be involved by or in state affairs.

Religion has become completely irrelevant in the modern age, created to abstractly explain what man could not understand, yet it has inadvertently caused much pain and suffering. The Church murdered early scholars because they believed that the Earth was orbiting around the sun.   Today ISIS does exactly the same by instructing and brainwashing self destruct terrorist, with the promise that they become a martyr and it is 2016 !

dsc_1127-edit-2-edit-edit-2Religions are now being run much as commercial enterprises complete with executive scandals. The appearance is that religions are saying keep giving us money; and do as we say, not as we do.

To conclude, Religion simply goes against one of the most fundamental and admirable features of western secular thought: the ability and readiness to critique Ourselves, to hold discourse.

Thanks for reading..


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