Re-introduction of the Death Penalty

noquestiosnGiven the recent violent terrorist attacks and the ever increasing severity level of crime, some taught should be given to re-introduce the death penalty. There are certain acts of crime that are unforgivable and that can not be corrected.  This results in jail-time, in most cases for life.  But even then they  are set free after 20 to 30 years, despite the fact that they committed atrocious murder. It becomes even worse, as those criminals; by the lack of another word, maybe I should say animals. But that would be an insult to the animals. As I stated, it becomes even worse as those inmates require special security arrangements to the expense of the public.

It’s my view  that a bullet is the better answer. Not human ?  We don’t have the right to take life’s ?.  The point is they are not human nor animal,  just evil.  Of course we have the right to do so,  or at least if that is the will of the people. There will be those who will state that innocent people will be the victim of the death penalty, that is true…  But in the current system they are a victim as wel. One can ask the question if prison for life is not more inhuman .

Don’t start the debate on re-orietation , adaptation, re-integration  and education since the poor terrorist was not given any change  in life. That is the biggest B.S , I have ever come across.   It has gone so far that we even have positive discrimination, in an attempt to bring them into the society.  They have had all the chances and opportunities, especially where I live for over fifty years.  Yet it fails , they become fanatics and terrorist. Trying to undermine and over-rule our western society .   That same society that has given them welfare, schooling and equal opportunity programs.

The only answer to such violent forms of crime is the death penalty. Now some of you will say  ” You will make them into  a martyr , a hero ” .  Indeed, but when the death penalty is applied in a certain way they cannot join Jannah (heaven) ; for instance if the executioner is an atheist  female .    For each type of terrorist there is something that will not make them into a martyr or hero.  So, I am supportive to the death penalty . And just to make sure that I am not misunderstood, I am against torture in any form. however a quick dead is not torture.



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