” Be Green” , a sad hype.

Recently I was in the supermarket.

At the checkout till, a young cashier pointed out that I should bring my own shopping bags instead of asking for bag. Because “plastic bags are not green and not good for the environment”.

I apologized and reminded her “I am from a time where only the hulk was green .”

The cashier responded “ Yeah … and that is precisely our problem today, your generation didn’t care about the environment and did not even think of future generations!”

But she’s right, we were not green minded.

We had milk, soda ,beer and other drinks in glass bottles. Returned them unwashed and empty to the store. At the factory they were sterilized and refilled. We recycled in the real sense! We didn’t fill garbage bags with aluminum cans and pet bottles…

We walked stairs because we did not have escalators and or elevators in each and every building to travel between floors.

But she’s right … we were not green minded.

_dsc7811-edit-edit-1We walked to the grocery store, we didn’t need a 3.5 Liter supercharged car to take us around the block.

Baby diapers were re-useable and washed time after time. We dried our clothes on a line and not in an energy-hungry dryer. We used wind and solar power to dry laundry .

But she’s right … we were not green minded.

Kids wore the cast-offs of older siblings , we did not have every six months a collection of the latest fashion. We did not order in China, but around the corner, produced in our own village or town.

But she’s right … we were not green minded.

The lucky one had perhaps a single TV or radio in the house . The TV had a small screen, the size of a handkerchief, not a large 4K screen the size of a room.

In the kitchen, food was prepared by hand, mixed, stirred and squeezed. We did not need  electrical kitchen gadgets.

But she’s right … we were not green minded.

We wrapped fragile items in old newspaper to protect it, we did not use styrofoam or plastic bubble wrap.

We pushed the lawnmower , rotating the knifes to trim the grass, we had no ride-on , it was all human power.

But she’s right … we were not green minded.

We walked and bicycled to work , we did not need a fitness club , with treadmills that run on electricity.

We drank from the tap when we were thirsty , we did not consume plastic bottles , and tossed them away after 30 gulps.

But she’s right … we were not green minded .

We re-filled our own pens with ink instead of buying new pens. We replaced the blades of our razor instead of throwing away the whole thing just because the blade is blunt.

We beat the shit out of carpets, we had no robotic electrical vacuum cleaners that sweep the floors day and night running on poisoning batteries

But she’s right … we were not green minded .

We took the train or bus, children walked and biked to school. We had no Mom 24-hour taxi service.

We had one electrical outlet per room and not a whole array of sockets and extension cords to provide a dozen gadgets with power.

But she’s right … we were not green minded.

_dsc7805-editWe had no IT stuff that depends on a signal from a satellite which is 2,000 miles away in space to find out where the nearest pizza place is located.

But she’s right … we were not green minded.

Let me assure young lady that we do not need a green lessons. Just remember “Green is not a synonym for environmental intelligent people” .


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