Getting into a latex dress is like getting into a condom (Latex shoot)


How wrong can a first impression and opinion be?

Kris, a good friend and acquaintance photographer of mine proposed to arrange a latex shoot. I was kind of flatter blasted by the taught alone. Not sure what to expect. I guess, that I am not the only person that straightaway relates latex with SM, sex and eroticism. How wrong can a first impression and opinion be?


 A fascinating material creating interest and sympathy in an eccentric way.

Anyhow we agreed on a shooting day and invited about 24 models. As in most cases, not to mention the subject of this specific shoot , fourteen models showed up. Kris arrived the day before with his whole wardrobe; over a hundred pieces made of that very special material, some elegant, extreme, soft and slippery. The exotic and exuberant collection changed my initial impressions. I can’t say that I worship Latex , yet it is a fascinating material creating interest and sympathy in an eccentric way.

vicky-watershoot (1 of 1)


It felt like walking around nude

Getting into a latex dress is like getting into a condom, that is about the best description I can come-up with. It’s tight and tough to put on, but once fitted it feels comfortable. Not that I experienced it, but that was at least the judgment of the models that had the chance to wear and pose in those gorgeous latex dresses. Some stated that it felt like walking around nude, or permanently been hugged allover you body.

An assistant is unavoidable when getting in and out of such dresses, and lucky as we were, we had a lovely female aide that could help models in and out of their pleasant torture. You need to suffer before you can enjoy it.


They squeak when walking

Once dressed, all curves and body imperfections do show up, amplified and squeezed. Yes, even firm breasts are subject to a flattening process. Lucky that we have liquefy in post processing.

There is no change in the world that I will ever attempt to wear latex , unless I needed to pose for a “Michelin tire man” advertisement.

I need to admit that the models looked great with their hair dues and Make-Up ; With the one exception, they squeak when walking . That is why the models (dresses) needed to be greased with a lubricant. It makes them shine and avoids the squeak. No! men are not allowed to rub them in.


 As they say “one slick girl”.

Once on the set the models looked great, beautiful, and classy in its own way but most of all pleasantly different.

Getting out of the latex dresses is another endeavor and does require assistance. Especially since the model has been sweating inside the dress and the presence of the lubricant at the outside. As they say one slick girl.

The bottom line: Never be predetermined, experiment and be open for new adventures and concepts. That is what photography is all about.

Photo: S. Fouquaert

Models: Goele, Jessy, Melissa, Isha

Thanks for reading,

Stephan Fouquaert


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