Sensuality , the worldly representative for our soul.

Sensuality is the worldly representative for our soul.

“It is through our physical bodies we are aware of our most tangible truths. What feels good, expansive and right and what feels contracting, limiting and wrong.  It’s how we experience truth. It’s how we know love.  It’s through our bodies we express who we are. Our sense-ability is precisely what gives us access to the complex layers of our soul.”


I never thought I’d photograph sensuality.

Seven years ago, I bought a Nikon D700 with the vague intend to explore light . A series of seemingly random events followed. Ample of photography courses and the transformation of the barn into a lush studio with an abundance of attributes.

 Much in need of my photography style , I got the idea to make a book of sensual pictures. I resonated with a multitude of idea’s and wild dreams nourished by an endless fantasy

cf004599-edit-1After all every woman has a personal struggle and great accomplishment of coming to accept and love her own body. The photos that I wanted to create tell the visual story of her journey and sensuality.

Soon I realized that it is more profound then light and apertures. Something happens when you point a camera at a model and ask her to expose sensuality, metaphorically and literally.

Trying to show untold stories through sheer body language; her feelings about herself and her body, her beliefs about beauty and being woman, her desires and longings.

And all that in front of my penetrating eye. By instinct she hides behind postures, pouts and put-on smiles.


In a culture that has widely objectified a women’s body , it is not that obvious to expose inner freedom. The crux of my photography exploration is like coming home to the body and letting the model express her inner being through body langue.

As such, the job is less about taking pictures, and more about teasing out the woman to unveil her from the inside out; less about composing images, and more about creating a safe space for her to let loose and discover her beauty and sensuality on her own terms.

Thousand of photos later, I believe it’s safe to say that this work is in fact its very own style of therapy, albeit, a lot less wordy, a lot less mental and a lot more fun and freeing.

cf004589-editTo me the photos reflect the liberation and change in self-perception that happens inside each woman as she exposes herself before me and comes to trust my eye and viewpoint.

I’m aware that I’ve been treading sacred ground. And that I’ve had to give birth to these images so that I can enter them, so that the women can enter them, so that you too can enter them.

Thanks for reading,


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