Beauty is never lost, it just transforms from one level to another (By S. Fouquaert)

Did you ever look back on your very early pictures, those marked with five stars or more?

I did, and then you wonder why the hell did I mark those pictures with five stars.   At best they are mediocre. Was it the model, the technique, the photographer or the post processing that doesn’t live up to todays expectations?

I guess, that I will the say the same thing in another five years from now of today’s pictures.

cf007037-editAnyhow last week I was asked to shoot a set of glamour pictures with a model that I met about seven years ago. In fact she was my very first model, a lovely young lady, blonde with blue eyes. Strangely enough the request was shadowed with uncertainty, doubt and an underestimated self-esteem. Something I regular see with matured models

As in most cases it turned out as a none-issue, something that only lives a fictive existence between the ears.


When people get older, and especially models they tend to discredit themselves “ I am not as pretty as I used to be”.   They are apologizing for their looks, even before the shoot.   “Oh well my body is not as tight as it used to be… “.

And then they show up; Pretty and beautiful as ever before. Different ? Absolutely, but appealing as ever. Matured with a strong doses of charm and female finesse. It’s a bit like red wine, it builds maturity, character and taste over the years, and so it was with my very first model.

cf006994-edit-editBe prepared for lots of statements and the build up of tension “I am a bit nervous, I have not been on the set for a long time”;. It is the role of the photographer to provide the right atmosphere and comfort so that the model can be who she is while being relaxed. It is only under these circumstances that synergy can flourish between the model and photographer.

Patience, a good and friendly talk, a walkthrough the different posses and a positive attitude with lots of interaction and feedback is the basis for a good shoot. And so we chatted along, pulled some jokes…. One of my favorite all time jokes; “ what is your most beautiful side ?, we all have a better en less good side”. Most of the time the model hesitates, and then I fill in “ Hard to find out hey,  I do not have that issue. I have two bad sides”. Breaking the ice will enhance the teamwork and result in great exposures.

cf006975-edit-editWhile time progresses the expression and enjoyment grow by the minute. Hours went by as they were minutes with many great poses and shots. If you ask me, she did really well, much better then years ago. I guess we all matured.

Beauty is never lost; it just transforms from one level to another and is there to be discovered over and over again at any age.


Thanks for shooting with me Lesly.



Steve Fouquaert


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