Boudoir Photography , magic and intimacy.

Boudoir Photography , magic and intimacy.

 I get very often a bunch of questions concerning Boudoir & Lingerie photography. Some people think that it is about those Black and White Photographs of naked women with special lighting. Hmmm , no that is not what it is.

Well maybe they are pictures of half naked models that advertise something, Noops,those are product commercials in which the woman has the function of being a model, and the emphasis is on what she’s trying to sell.

_dsc2779-edit-edit-edit-3Oh well then it must be those pictures of naked women ? Wrong again, you are thinking of erotic magazines. That is certainly not Boudoir.

Aha, then they must be pictures that show beautiful women in lingerie.  Now we are getting a bit closer.

Boudoir photographs are not used to advertise lingerie. The emphasis is not on the lingerie but on the woman who’s wearing it. Lingerie is only a attribute.

Boudoir photography would be easiest to understand if we explain what the word boudoir means. “Boudoir is a room. A woman’s intimate space in which men are not welcome.”

It is a space a woman devotes only to herself, one that perhaps she only shares with a few other close girlfriends. How a woman spends her time in it, no one knows. And this is why the term boudoir is wrapped up with the veil of secrecy, the subject of stories and whispers, the object of male fantasies and desires.

Have you noticed that most women rarely show pictures of themselves in lingerie (if they have them), while at the same time, showing pictures of themselves in swimsuits is common practice, even though sometimes bikinis are more revealing than lingerie? That is because we equate lingerie with intimacy. It is only ours and no one else’s. In lingerie we are vulnerable, gentle and ourselves.

kelly_denauw-b (23 of 6)“Therefore, boudoir represents magic and intimacy.”

Mystique, mystery and intimacy are the first things on the list of what makes boudoir photography different.

People interpret information by how it is offered and presented to them. How it will be received depends on an individual’s own filters, which are defined by education, culture, media and bias. When it comes to boudoir photography, it is important to be mindful.

There are ways of showing a woman in lingerie in which at the forefront is the woman, rather than underwear.

With these photographs, she is someone one who decided to bare her soul.

“In boudoir photography, everything is irrelevant apart from the women herself. She’s all that matters. She is on the center stage, in the place where she deserves to be.”

First and foremost, it should be clear how much confidence the woman has in front of the photographer and it should be clear as to who and what this soul-baring woman is. It is the photographer’s responsibility to be mindful of these point throughout the photo shoot, and the viewer should be mindful of the photographer’s responsibility when viewing the final product..

cf002140-edit-editThe difference between boudoir photography and all of the other similar genres, is that boudoir is mostly mistaken for what it is really is. This is evident in situations where an inexperienced photographer takes a few photos of women in lingerie with pouted lips and focuses their attention and lens on the woman’s booty or breasts, with little effort to convey her personality or soul through the photograph. A photo of a woman in lingerie can be taken by anyone who has a camera, but boudoir photography cannot.

How to Choose the Right Lingerie

On the day of your shoot, don’t wear a tight-fitting bra, elastic panties, pantyhose or shoes that make your feet look like you’ve been on the battlefield when you take them off. If you love your body, there is no need to torture it. Otherwise, if you wear the above things, pay attention to how your body looks when you take them off! These traces remain on the body long after removing the clothes and it is almost impossible to remove traces even with image processing. Therefore, on the day of the shoot wear only underwear without seams, if you just have to wear them. At best, it is recommended that at the shoot you come without underwear. If you are scheduled for the shoot in the morning, get rid of everything that tightens the skin the night before. Sleep naked.

As for the actual boudoir shoot itself, there is no specific rule on what you should or should not wear. Choose lingerie that suits your body type and that makes you feel relaxed and sexy.


Photography by S Fouquaert



Thanks for reading.



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