Seduction an art of all times

DSC_1369-Edit-Edit-2-EditFor a long time, men were assumed too courtly concur the hearts of the maiden. And so it was in the middle ages, brave young men dueled in knight tournaments for the hand of the damsel.  The more artistic young men would bring a nightly serenade under the balcony of the so desired lady .

In de sixties things changed, the “Dolle Mina” (Mad Mina) a Dutch feminist group campaigned for equal rights for women. It became social tolerable that females seduced men.  Not that they didn’t seduce men in the past, however it was far more refined and accompanied with intrigues.  Today, young girls behave like cyber predators using social communication means such as chat, sms and skype . The “virtual me” makes contact threshold as good as none existing. It is so easy and just a click away, even more; there is no limit in time and distance.  Yet, their methods have remained very feminine, subtle, playful and teasing with a soft erotic undertone.


Middle aged and divorced women have a tendency to be very direct and masters in seduction. No wonder they are often referred to as “Cougars”.  One-night stands and casual sex are now socially consented.  Virginity, safe sex and appropriate sexual behavior is considered old-fashioned.


Men are no exception, playboy’s with flashy sport cars, glasses filed with the finest Champagne, expensive jewels, exclusive diner and cocaine as dessert, it all serves one purpose “chase and conquer the prey”.  We have seen it all , just think about the former French President, and the Italian prime minister Berlusconni.

The question is “Who is chasing who” ?   Fact is that women are now more undertaking then ever before, good for the men.  However real affection is still a mutual happening.   The means and methods might have changed, yet the goals and expectations are unchanged.  If you ask me, the same old package with a new wrapper easier to obtain and unpack.


Pictures:S Fouquaert
Models: Charline Debacker and other


Thanks for reading,
Stephan Fouquaert


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