Valentine, a commercialized drill

holdme (1 of 1)Valentine; prime time for lovers.  A great business boost if you ask me. New Year and Christmas are gone since a while ,  time for extra spending.  A nice commercialized drill, lingerie stores are doing big business, restaurants are fully booked and florists are overwhelmed by orders. Not to mention jewelry stores. How did it go again “diamonds are a girl best friend”.

How daft can it get? Consumerism in the name of love.

It’s becoming more and more cracked, no wonder that the color this year is not red but green. Mars introduces the green M&M’s , besides Mr Red and Yellow, we now have Misses Green.  Green is that not the color of money?

Where is the time when you anomalously declared your love ? Today, you stand no change without a box of delicious bonbons, pink sweets , hearts made of chocolate, you name it… the sweeter the better for the sweetheart. Not to mention the high priced luxury gifts.  Lets fight and argue on the other days of the year , Uuh.

Maybe we should make everyday a valentine day.  On a second taught maybe not. Love doesn’t live in the heart anymore but it sure does in the wallet.

koppel2Love is an everyday effort that needs to be maintained, one short lived moment in the year wrapped in luxury isn’t the answer. It’s a lot of hard work and time.  I have come to the years of realism; not sure if the Return Of Investment is worth the effort. Maybe I am just getting to old and senile for all this lovers stuff.  At least my old brain is relieved from the strange chemical processes called “love”.

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