The rise and fall of a political party from the inside

The rise and fall of a political party from the inside

Strange isn’t it, when I was a young man I could care less about politics, lets say I was kind of a rebel.  Growing older made me think twice, and at a certain moment it daunted to me that “ If I really wanted to change things” there is only one way “Politics”.  The only issue was to find a party with a program that tended towards my views on society.  Not an easy thing, as most established and conventional political parties were so dusty and trenched with political mold.

I needed a party free of political clutter and regulation sickness.

lddboot (61 of 137)Out of the blue, a new party awakened. A new party, instantiated by an outcast and expelled politician.  The result of an internal political battle, a struggle for power, a battle between leaders.  He was the “Man” who was able to make clear and simple statements, named a cat a cat and a dog a dog.  A no-nonsense person gifted with a good dose of common sense, able to make bold and direct statements that struck like lightening by daylight.

There it was a “Renegade” party.  Shortly after the establishment, I joined the ranks.  Quickly ,I got the role as a regional and provincial chairmen, an unpaid function yet very rewarding.  The party was loved by its members, flourished and blossomed, thousands of people joint. The run-up and campaign to the first elections was one and all euphoria.  The party was given “no changes” in the press and depicted as a party of unhappy rebellious and anti politic people.

Negative press works as good as positive press,  the underdog role worked. Established political parties realized the treat, especially when they noticed how good the program was.  The party grew by the day.  A bit to fast and the first growing pains manifested themselves rather quickly.


Villages and Towns started their own local sections and departments.  Many of then founded by enthusiast and fans of the party chairman, the stronghold of  the party ,the “Man” himself. However, many of them suffered from organizational skills and political inmaturity.  This resulted unavoidable in struggles for local positions.  I can’t remember how many miles I traveled, how  many God forsaken villages I visited to calm down quarrels and disputes ,  trying to place the focus  on the common goal.

19The first National elections neared, what happened behind the scenes is nothing to be proud of and was the beginning of the downfall.  I was tasked to chair the composition of the bill of vote, ranking the candidates for a province. Opportunists and ego trippers appeared claiming their position on the voting list, enforced by backdoor agreements and promises.  I rejected with discontent the claims.  No way I would allow this! More so since the principles of our party were straightforward “ We say what we think, and do what we say”.  I guess that it was not valid during the formation of a vote list, especially when it comes down to ranking the candidates.  I was pushed and forced with all possible means to adjust the ranking order.  Under no circumstance would I allow any influence, yes maybe I was not carved out of the right wood.  Never the less, I did see for the first time the ugly face of politics.  For some obscure reasons, run-away candidates from other parties claimed their positions on our list and not always with the best intension.

dsc_0780-2It escalated to the point that the “Man” had to be called in , the founder of the party. Surprisingly he insisted on a strange order on the list, without any doubt he had his own hidden agenda. I was stunned, disappointed and in full disagreement. The outcome was determined; we could only go against the Man’s decision. After all it was our Province. The situation exploded, it was only days later that we came to terms.

The first election placed the party on the political map with results between 5 and 10% of the votes, a result that never had been seen before.  From here on things went down hill, elected politicians that could not meet the expectations, some were more concerned about their ego and business then the parties program while others became deserters.


The party in better days, members cruise.

At a first glance, the party had by now a fairly well build organizational structure, yet it was nothing more then a façade. The peasants (members) of the party had little to nothing to say and were barked down by the “Man” himself or by the self installed  “board of ethics” that could place members out of the party.  The party was run by a small group of opportunist, the members didn’t see through the smoke curtain.  Those who did were put outside the party as soon as they spoke-up or questioned party affairs.  So many of us worked for free, fine men and women. The party board on the other hand had all control on the membership fee’s and National contributions.  It went so far that an elected politician installed his private business office in the parties HQ.  That was the moment I backed off and decided to turn in my responsibilities and step back as regional chairmen.  From now on I would watch the spectacle from a distance.  Personal revenge between the “ Man” and another “Macho” of another party resulted finally in a scandal. Between the very same personalities, an old dogfight that needed to be settled no matter the cost and sacrifice, lots of members disapproved this kind of personal vendetta , it made the party shake on its foundation.


Within days the party started to crumble, scandal after scandal.  Finally the last capable people left.  The political inflation continued, mistake after mistake until the “Man” himself placed all provinces checkmate and claimed his own province as the only province that would participate in the coming election.  An act of betrayal and manipulation of the remaining members that will result in the demising of the party.

The end of a once so promising political party.  A real shame and lost changes.

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