Fantasy a play of mind , a perfect enabler

Fantasy a play of mind , a perfect enabler

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Every Photography session requires effort and seriousness, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be fun and inspiring for both the model and photographer. That is where fantasy and photography meet. Certain topics just lent themselves much better then others depending on the shared fantasy between the model and photographer.

hallloween (29 of 70)-1Over the years, I have noticed sturdier synergy on the set especially when both share the same fantasies.  This probably sounds a bit peculiar, but it’s worth to try.  I guess we all have our own way of creating and dealing with our fantasies. I hear so often from older photographers “Those young folks, they have so many fantasies”.  What a stupid statement.  Age has nothing to do with it; I am convinced that fantasy is the result of a free mind not constrained by ridged thinking and hardheaded thoughts.    I know 20-year-old people that are 80 years old and there are those that are indeed in their late fifties but my god they have the spirit and mindset of 20 year old.  How comes?  I am no shrink or expert in these matters, yet common sense tells me that if we allow others to delineate the boundaries in the way we think, act and live, we will unavoidable be locked down in those patterns of ridged thinking.  That is why I have never accepted to be constrained in whatever form.  So , lets get back to the main topic, on how fantasy is my partner.

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The ultimate moment of mental creativity; In-between sleep and awake, fantasies become volatile images. They remain long after I woke up, long enough to morph into reality.  And so it happens while driving to work missing out on large parts of the road. Scary moments yet filled with flashes of intense creativeness. This goes on for days, until I mentally completed the build .

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Now it is just a matter of logistics and finding a model that can be inspired. Once that is completed, I am ready to shoot.

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Topics do not have to be fun or humoristic, not at all.  And yet when the minds are in sync, it will be a fun and pleasant shoot.  The pictures within this article are the result of such an effort.  Perfect synergy between the models and the photographer, a days worth of fun.

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