Patriots a dying breed

Patriotism a dying breed ?

Belgium, a little country in the middle if Europe, thorn apart by political disputes and endless debacles.

Shortsighted and egoist political parties drive the artificial “North-South” polarization. They have no interest in a united population, a country, but rather option for a divided nation. Divide and concur.

I believe that the motivation of those politicians is selfishness and egoism, lets face it a country of 30528 Km with a population of 11 Million inhabitants does not require 40 ministers, 21 representatives, 3 community Parliaments, 10 co-opted senators and 150 representatives.

Of course politicians want this. Their cunning plan is simple “Lets make sure we divide the people, make them believe that the Flemish are hard working and the Walloons are social cockroaches, or the Flemish are neo-Nazi’s and racists and separists who want to split the country”.

And it works; an oversized governmental structure with plenty of well paid seats.


I can hardly believe that an educated person no matter if he speaks French or Flemish can’t see through it.  We should know better.

Fact is that more then 50% of the population does step into that trap.

The issue is not North-South, Flemish-Walloon. No not at all. The issue is the politician and especially the Socialist Party of the South. Who live by nature on blue color voters.  The country’s economy lacks dynamism and synergy due to decades of political selfishness. No wonder they use a cheap cover-up, just blame it to the North or the South. And it works

Crazy is it not ?

A shrinking group

No wonder that patriotism is a dying phenomenon.  And yet there are those that cherish it. Mostly elderly citizens who remember what it means to be occupied and suffer from war.

Every so often I am asked to take pictures at those moments of patriotism like 11 November (remembrance day).  Sadly enough I see the crowd shrink every year, not that I am such a patriot.  Yet, I have a certain level of proudness to be Flemish and Belgian and European.

In the given climate there is very little that can nourish patriotism in Belgium, in fact the politicians are feeding nationalism.  There is a major difference between patriotism and nationalism. Nationalism is a belief, creed or political ideology that involves an individual identifying with, or becoming attached to, one’s Nation.  Where the Nation in the case of  Belgium is the South( Wallonie) and the North (Vlaanderen).

My Country

Patriotism is a cultural attachment to one’s homeland or devotion to one’s country (Belgium). In principle there is nothing wrong with a mild form of nationalism as long as the nation equates to the country and not to a region.

Who will get he upper hand is yet to be seen in the coming elections, I sincerely hope that common sense will prevail, so that we can all become “new patriots”.

Let us not forget the past

Let us not forget the past

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