Afghanistan, now what ?

Afghanistan, now what ? 

Every so often I need to vent my views and opinion on world matters, not that it will change anything or bring me any credit. It is just an urge that needs to be satisfied.


After years of international efforts, to stabilize Afghanistan the end of the international ISAF mission approaches. So far it has been a success story, thousands of brave soldiers have given it the very best united under the NATO flag. Indeed a story line to be proud of. Endless amounts of logistical and financial efforts have contributed to the Afghan education, health care, and human rights, Justice, law and order.  I believe that the West has lived up to the expectation.


Is the war really over or is it just calmness before a new storm? I am not sure. What I do know is that all the western efforts and suffering can be wiped away in just a matter of months.  It just happened to be so that the good old neighbor “Pakistan” release from detention  “Mullah Abdul Ghnai Baradar”  .  A long time buddy of the Taliban leader Mullah Omar, and formerly his second-in-command.

The interesting part is that Karzai campaigned for his release. I don’t get it, and most likely my political skills and comprehension must be under developed to understand the so quoted reason “ to facilitate the Afghan peace process,”.  Strangely enough the whereabouts of Barabar are officially unknown.

Afghan Female Forces

I wonder how women in Afghanistan, or girls in Pakistan’s Swat Valley, receive that news? Back to the Taliban days ?

Is the ISAF epilogue ending in waste, destruction, anxiety, conspiracy, and the evaporation of achievements?

Will the human casualties and sacrifice’s be for nothing?

Lets hope that the bilateral security agreements will work out, allowing the West to retain several bases. To ensure a continued progress of democracy on the already 12 years paved ISAF road.

It won’t be over for the soldiers who took part in it and returned with physical and mental injuries, and for their families, their battles are just beginning. Lets hope that the result is worth the price they payed.

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