Photography “ I have the looks , that should be sufficient ”

“I have the looks and I am pretty, that should be sufficient” , that is a statement that I hear so often.

Fact is that it takes a lot more to be a model. Just glance through a fashion or glamour magazine and try to picture your self in that role. The model will very quickly realize that it is not that simple.

“I have the looks and I am pretty, that should be sufficient”

Model – Do you have what it takes ?

Fashion, trends and seasons are constant subject to change, and so it is mandatory that the models adapt. If she/he is not able to adapt to the pace of change, then there is very little change that she/he will ever make it as a model. Hence the needs for a model that can change her appearance time after time just like trends do. Things that are “hot” this year will be “dull and old” next year.

It takes what it takes

It takes what it takes

This means that photographers and agencies are searching models with a complete fresh and different look then the predecessors.  We all want edgy models with a feel for fashion.

Not an easy task for the model in a world full of sharks and dodgy agencies.  So many have fallen into the hands of people who do not have the best intentions and for which the model is an attribute and resource in abundance.

So far I always try to give them good advice, I guess it must be my fatherly instinct.

 Does and Don’ts

Trying to find a good agency is not easy , there are hundreds of ruthless and unprofessional agencies that will take advantage of rookies, they will use and exploit  the starting model.  And yet this can be avoided by a few simple rules.  I call then the Do’s and Don’ts.

–    Never sign a document during your first visit.

–    Visit different model agencies and compare the conditions.

–    List the agencies that give you a good feeling, and where you feel at ease

–    Never go alone, take someone with you during your first visit

–    Don’t dress up in your best outfit; try to look natural and cutback on the make-up. The agency will wants to see “you” how you really are without having to scrape off tons of make-up.

–    Never sign the contract without thoroughly understanding the conditions and statements, ask if it is not clear.

–    If in doubt contact a business lawyer.

–    Don’t step into the trap of “we guarantee work”. Reality is that “model work” is not a standard job and cannot guarantee continued work.  Nobody can guarantee steady work, if you do get the offer; drop it and walk away. It stink’s.

–    Do ask the percentage of the “commission”, that is a percentage that the agency will subtract from your paycheck.

–    All agencies take a percentage, however you can find considerable differences between agencies and ranges between 10 and 25%, everything above 25 is a rip off.

–    Ask the agencies for references such as customers and models that work for them.  Don’t let them use the old excuse “ We can’t disclose this information as a matter of privacy”. If they use that trick, walk away.

–    Once you have found a suitable agency, start your own private investigation by asking around what people have to say about it.

The best advice that I can give “ Select a large and well know agency”.  To often starting models are overwhelmed with contradicting advice and information. So be careful.

People that know the business are the best bet.

Principal agencies are best placed to help the new model, they coach, guide, direct, advice and assist the new model. They will provide a portfolio and arrange shoots with customers. In many cases they will also provide the administrative and financial support.


Karisma and appeal (Stephanie Ballet)

 Do you have the right attitude?

New models pursue a dream of glitter and fame, however the road is long and tough. Very few will join the “super model” hall of fame.  So be prepared for hard work and setbacks.

The first question that needs to be answered is “ Do I have the right look?.  See, that is a very difficult question as it all depends what kind of work the model wants to do.

But lets assume that the model has made a choice, If she/he does not have the correct charm and appeal then there is little change that she/he will ever make it.  A pretty face will not be sufficient.  It does not stop with physical aspects, not at all. She/he will need the correct attitude and mental alertness to fit that role.

Aim high and be aware that it may not always work as expected. 100% of dedication and drive will be needed for every shoot. Learn, work hard and be loyal.

It can be difficult at times, they will get directions and guidelines to follow and execute even though it might go against personal views.  Don’t work to impress others, be aware that the shoot is not about the model.  The model is merely playing a role or character as part of a much bigger project or endeavor. Play that role, take distance and don’t get emotional involved.

There is a lot of competition between models, been denied or rejected is very common. So don’t let it get to you, as it is part of the process.  Accept it and learn from it.

There is a lot more to say about been a model, stuff that I will post in the coming days…….

Thanks for reading



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