Artistic Nude Photography – walking the thin line.

Artistic Nude Photography – walking the thin line.

Every so often I get the request to shoot artistic nudes.  But what is an “artistic nude”?   I guess it has a different meaning for both the photographer and spectator.

It is really walking the thin line, how far do I go with a picture and will it be perceived by the viewer as an artistic nude  ?   There will always be people that consider a piece of naked skin as a sine.  For those folks I have only one answer “don’t look at it, and don’t try to tell the world what is allowed and what is not”.  Sure everybody has his own opinion, and rightfully so.

Artistic Nude Photography

Artistic Nude Photography

Anyhow, my view on artistic nude is based on my own ethics.  The human body is the most beautiful natural sculpture ever created; it is the art to portray those human curves by placing pleasing and tickling accents.

The female or male  body has a wealth of lustrous curves that can be portrayed in so many ways.  I do believe that it is the art to show everything and nothing.  “Show everything” is not pixel real, it is only in our mind.  Hence, I a create posses that do not show those human parts that relate directly to pleasure and erotic zones.  Instead I pave the way for the observer’s mental though.

Reveling displays are not what I would call esthetic admissible and I refuse to make them.  There are many respects to show the beauty of a woman, and the old saying  “Less is more and more is less” certainly applies.  That is not to say that an artistic nude may not have an erotic facet or intimation in the composition.  It is difficult to walk the thin line; one leg in the wrong position can ruin a picture and create a voluptuous palate.  Artistic nudes are always perilous as it may put the photographer in a negative daylight and create the general opinion that he or she is a sex photographer and that is the only thing that he or she can do; although it is only 1% of a portfolio.

I tend to add additional elements into artistic nudes, with attributes that shift the focus of the mind.  However in some cases the attributes have resulted in “spontaneous emotional combustion” of many audiences.   The picture “Lust a disordered desire” has resulted in a group of haters and lovers. Not only because of the nudity, but also the religious connotation.  As a photographer, we are creators and try to capture a moment in time, portray our vision and points.  And that is what I do.

Thanks for reading,  steve


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