Industrial Treasures from the past

Every so often I engage in a quest to explore abandoned industrial places. Those places were once filled with sweat, noise, smoke and the smell of hard labor. All what is left is emptiness and triestesse, a moment to capture before it all vanishes

Inspired by the industrial revolution in the early 1900’s, I packed my gear to explore the remains of a former roof tile factory. The factory had been abandoned for many years, since a modern ceramic production process had replaced the production of handmade clay tiles.

Driving along the once so impressive factory didn’t promise much; all what was left were a few facades and a humble little building in the back. A car wreck was about the only thing that pulled my attention at that moment.

I proceeded to the little building at the end of the property, made my way through the mud and piles of rumble.

A demolition crane, next to the building didn’t promise much. However, I noticed that all the windows of that building were blinded and several big underground metal pipes left the building, as they were roots. And why was that building as the only one still there ?

Original finds

Original finds

There it was my Black Pearl

My black pearl, an untouched steam aggregate

My black pearl, an untouched steam aggregate

Once inside, my eyeballs fell literally on the ground.  I stepped back in time, did I step through a time window?
I had to pinch myself in the cheek to come back to reality.
Wow an electrical power plant from 1902, fully intact and untouched by time.

If it weren’t because of the pigeon shit, I would have thought that it could start-up any moment and the engineer would ask me what I am doing here. That is how real or surreal it felt.

A rear find

A rear find

Steam aggregates

 A 20 by 10 meter facility, a steam generated power plant. Two large electrical 3 phase generators and two steam engines to drive the generators with large belts and pulleys. Not to mention the control panels with the gauges. The ID tags on the machines indicated the year 1902. Amazing that all the elements were still intact besides a few gauges with broken glass.
1902 Generator

1902 Generator

It’s all about Power

 The cellar is a maze of steam pipes; as vines finding there way to the vital organs. Unfortunate it was partial flooded and not such a good idea to wade through it.

In those days, the factory required electricity for the production process, however the local electricity plant could not provide sufficient power or the infrastructure was not in place. Hence, factories had their own power plant. This one was driven by steam, the boiler room was no longer their and had been removed by the demolition team. What a shame.

Steam regulator

Steam regulator

What happened with it afterwards?  

Well I did report the finding together with the pictures to the state department for the protection of monuments and industrial heritage.

So far the demolition has stopped.

It’s amazing what is still out there, one just has to find it.

Thanks for reading.


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