The TC Cambo preparation

The Cambo Wide DS worked like a champ and had an analogue back and glass.   The challenge is to get the analogue back removed and replaced with an adaptation plate for my Digital Back.  I needed to order the back plate.  Not cheap for a piece of aluminum, but that is the only option.  The adaptor plate will provide the means to attach my IQ-140 Digital Back.

Cambo with the digital back mounted

Cambo with the digital back mounted

Now that this  issue is out of the way, the second challenge is to get a cable which will allow me to “Wake-Up” the digital back .   This is needed because the Cambo is a “dumb” body.  It has no electronic components.  The Digital Back (Phase One IQ-140) is build around a sleeping architecture, that means that the body is only active when a picture is eminent.  Therefore Wake-up pulse is needed.

This can be achieved with a single shot cable, the little pushbutton will create the Wake-up pulse when pushed . The second pulse will come from the sync port on the Lens.   As long as the lens is open the sync signal will be closed, that is the time that the digital back will capture the light.  When the sync pulse goes off, the back will read the data.   So it is important that the Copal shutter works correctly.  Shutter latency can be an issue…  But even for that there is a solution.

Wake-up & Exposure cable

Wake-up & Exposure cable

There are a lot things that need to be done before a shot can be made.  It is all manual…..  But that is something for my next blog message…


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