New encounters with Phase One Digital Back – The Cambo TC

For along time I have been shooting fashion and models, yet I always loved architectural work.  So I decided to start working on a series of pictures ” Industrial Architecture”.   The first thing that comes to my mind is the use of a Technical Camera.  The Phase One 645DF+, is a great camera but for real detailed work I will need a Technical Camera so that I will be able to correct the keystone and perspective at the moment of the shoot and not in the post processing  with Capture One.

It is not that Capture One 7 can not make the lens corrections, but it is my vision why fake it if you can make it ?

So I  started to look for a technical camera, Arcswiss, Cambo, Lindhoff and so on.   Finally I came across a Cambo Wide DS with a 57mm, 110 degrees look angle.  And this for the price of 1700 Euro.   What a bargain.

Cambo Technical Camera

Cambo Technical Camera

I met the seller along a highway gas station on the E17, and soon it appeared that the person was trustworthy , as he was a photographer who bought the camera where I did buy the PO. We must have spend at least two hours talking, while enjoying a coffee in the highway cafeteria .


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