Phase One Certified Professional

Shooting with the Phase One became a pleasure , but was this it ?   There is yet so much to  learn about this camera, so I started to look for additional training.  The Phase One Certified Professional training seemed a good starting point.


I enrolled in the training which consists of an on-line course prior to the POCP training session in London.  One must as pass all the tests with a minimum of 80%  before the live training can be attended.  Good thing, so is everybody at least at the same level.

On 17 December I took my practical training in the Holborn Studio’s London.  A two days intensive training, with lots of theory and practical exercises.  Some called it “Death by powerpoint” . At the end of the course a written test.  30 questions and a limited time, with a passing score of 80%.   I had a good feeling after the test.   The interesting part was that I was the oldest chap (52) in the class and yet I was the first one to complete the test.     I really started to wonder  ” Did I misunderstood the questions ?”.


The good news came the next day, when Steve from Teamwork UK passed me the message “you passed with 90%”.

What a relief, now I am ready to rock.



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