The seatlement

Back to the store with a death camera, Bart  the technician was really surprised and had never seen this issue before. Immediately I received a new Lens , Body and Digital Back.  The problem seemed to be resolved. (Great service)

A few days later the same problem occurred, I can assure you that I was about ready to toss the camera out of the window.

Back to the store, Bart reloaded the body firmware.   I am sure that Murphy was in the store , as I could not get it to fail after the firmware upload.  Two  days later the same issue happened during a shoot.

Finally, I openend a case on the Phase One User Forun , it seemed that certain bodies had this problem.  Within a few days I got a Beta version C223.   This seemed to work just fine and all my troubles were  gone.

Although it is a Beta Release it just worked great and all the issues were quickly forgotten.

Finally I got the C224 final version and all things fell into place.

Yes, it took a bad start.  But then again I would not want to mis this camera.

The Phase One 645DF+ with  IQ DB is like a beautiful and stunning woman, expensive , hard to maintain, character but oh boy what beautiful  of a lady.  I just wouldn’t want to miss it .


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