I started to work slower and more aware

The deal was made, I embarked on my quest with a brand-new  Phase One camera as a proud new dad.

The camera came with a 80 mm Kraus Sneider Leafshutter lens and an IQ140 digital back, all nicely assembled and packed with the same care as a new Mac.

My first shots, wow…   despite all the reports, test and reviews nothing beats a real capture. This camera gives you back the feeling that you are in charge and it forces you to think and work slower.  It is not a point and shoot anymore.

The camera combined with the Capture One software opened up new horizons , shooting tethered was  a new experience. But most welcome.

The first shoot went slow and the camera felt a bit  difficult on the controls, but then again years of Nikon use had without any doubt carved the finger movements in brain.   So switching over was just a matter of time.

If you are looking for  bells and whistles on a 645DF+ , then you will be disappointed . It is not even near a DSLR.  That took a change of mind.  And still , the most irritating aspect is the single focus point at the center of the lens.  That is really something that they should change. As it forces me to focus and re-compose for each shot.

The first shoot with the PO

The first shoot with the PO


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