The exploration started

In the following weeks I must have surfed the complete Internet, collecting information, comparing the pro’s and con’s. Checking out Video’s, Blogs and on-line discussions.  The decision remained pending.   Is it worth the money ? And does it really make that much of a difference ?  Does it  justify 20.000 Euro ?  Will it bring me to the next stage in photography ?

Oh , before I forget  Photography is all about technology for me.  I do not consider it to be art.  It is artful.  But that is just my take on it.

All the info and write-ups that I came across could not bring me to a decision/solution, for months I was in doubt.

Finally I took a test run at Servix.  Stunning picture quality !  That is about all what I could say during the test.  It was like a test drive with a Porsche.

Phase One

Phase One


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