How it all started.

At the beginning,

My first Digital Camera was a very basic HP-C102, a poor 1,5 Megpixel crop camera, just enough to create poststamp size pictures. And yet in 1995 it was a stunning camera.

As soon as the Nikon D80 (DSLR) appeared on the market, I rushed to the store, wow what an improvement even though it had a 1.5 crop factor.

Like so many things in live, something new is always appealing .  Yes ! a Full Frame DSLR.

When the D700 became available, I was the first one to stand in line at the store… four months wait time. But oh boy what a difference, finally space to breath in the viewer.  No wonder that the D80 ended up in the closet.   Shortly after,  the D3S came out , a fast camera and much improved over the D3.  High frame rate  and an amazing ISO (125000).  Great camera to shoot sports and events in poor light conditions.

Prices so far were acceptable and the D700 and D3S were my working horses. Reliable and good .

However fashion and glamour shots could do with a few extra pixels, especially for enlargements. The D800E  solved that problem.  A whopping 35 Megapixels and a dynamic range of 14 stops.  What a camera !

And so , this old chap moved on to the D800E.


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